Seed treatment products provide farmers with a number of benefits from improved plant establishment through to a reduced impact on the soil environment.

Agronomic benefits: Scientific trials have shown seed treatment products help maximise seedling establishment and early plant growth, resulting in increased forage yields. Seedlings protected by seed treatment are in a better position to withstand external influences that put plants under stress during the establishment period.

Targeted protection: The pesticides in seed treatment products are effective against a range of common insect pests and diseases. Seed treatment products are not harmful to beneficial organisms such as earthworms.

Cost effective: Seed treatment products compare favourably with 'broadacre' pesticide applications in terms of cost per hectare.

Extended protection: The insecticides in seed treatment formulations are systemic with the chemical active-ingredient taken up by the young root system and transported throughout the developing plant. This mode of action provides extended pest protection during plant establishment.

Reduced environmental impact: Seed treatments contain very small quantities of active- ingredients, and therefore the amount of chemical applied to the soil is very small in comparison to 'broad-acre' pesticide applications.

User friendly: The use of seed treatment products reduces the need to handle chemicals and dispose of containers on-farm. With seed applied plant protection there is less reliance on favourable weather conditions in the field, unlike foliar spray applications.