PGG Wrightson Seeds invest heavily in research and development to bring new products and technologies to the market, delivering solutions and economic benefits to the New Zealand farming sector. 

In the seed treatment area PGG Wrightson Seeds carry out formulation development at the Rolleston Seed Centre to assess new technologies that can enhance current seed treatment formulations, or develop new products for the market. After formulation work is completed PGG Wrightson Seeds conduct field trials at Kimihia Research Centre in addition to regional sites to evaluate new products.

PGG Wrightson Seeds partner with multi-national supply companies who are focused on science and innovation, to evaluate new technologies for seed treatment application.  The business also works closely with leading Crown Research Institutes in New Zealand, trialing new technologies for the future.

Globally the seed treatment market is the fastest growing sector in the plant protection market, as environmental pressures increase to reduce ‘broad-acre’ pesticide applications. In recent years there have been a number of very large acquisitions from multi-national chemical companies, who are looking to increase their focus in seed applied technologies such as bio-pesticides. As research advances the importance of seed as a carrier of plant protection and growth enhancement agents will continue to grow.