Seed Treatment
For Grass

All forage grass species benefit from the application of seed treatment, which protects the seed and emerging seedlings during the establishment phase against economically damaging insect pests and seedling diseases. 

Grass seed treatment plays a big part in ensuring germinating seedlings survive and develop through the first six weeks after planting, to the point where external influences are less likely to adversely affect plant growth. 

Seed treatment has a complimentary role to play alongside novel endophytes such as AR1 and AR37. The seed treatment ‘bridges the gap’ by protecting seedlings until the endophyte is fully functional within the host plant and able to provide insect protection over the long-term. 

With the market shift to high value grass genetics, combined with increasing pest pressures on-farm, it is now very important to protect this investment with seed treatment. 

PGG Wrightson Seeds have two grass seed treatment products in the market: 

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